Online Training with Virtual Labs

Seven Benefits of the Virtual Classroom



Flexibility and Convenience

Virtual learning is very convenient. You can take a class on any computer, anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet and can accommodate a headset and microphone.

Keeps People On-the-job

Most courses are scheduled over many days or weeks and each class only lasts a few hours. Virtual class makes it possible for the people to devote at least part of their day to their regular duties, providing continuity on-the-job, with minimal impact on daily business operations.


Cost Saving

Not having to pay for travel, hotels and other costs associated with bringing a team to a single location for a course saves money for the companies.


Interaction and retention

Instructors can engage participants through polling questions, surveys, quizzes and games that starts discussions and drills-in key learning. The key is to design the courses by leveraging virtual classroom tools.


Bringing teams together

The virtual classroom has additional advantage of bringing geographically dispersed teams together in one place at the same time to ensure a consistent learning experience and explore cultural and other Issues.


Post Class Reinforcement

Another component of a good designed virtual classroom experience is having the ability to review important parts of the course once it is over. Most virtual courses record the classroom and make it available to students to review a short exercise or an entire session on-demand.


On-line Reference Materials

In virtual class room, students are provided web access to all the materials presented in the course, usually for a year or more after they complete the course. While virtual learning may not be the solution for everyone in every situation, the advances in virtual class room tools have made it a mainstream reality.