Online Training with Virtual Labs

When to choose virtual classroom for your training?


When designing a blended approach, look at the benefits of each approach and map them to the learning needs. A formal online course may be the best option to introduce brand new information, giving learners the freedom to learn at their own pace, repeat information and process their new knowledge. But after that, what happens if they have unanswered questions? That’s where a virtual classroom comes in. Setting up a virtual classroom for a Q&A session with an expert after the event gives learners time to think of their questions, have a go at putting the knowledge into practice, then return to a supported learning environment to discuss their questions, success and challenges.


  • All online collaborations are not same.

  • Web meetings focus on collaboration between individuals and are much like a physical meeting.

  • Webinars are designed for one or more presenters delivering a presentation to a large audience, commonly used for online lectures and sales presentations and followed by questions.

  • In virtual classroom, one or more instructors engage with a classroom of learners using additional features for learner engagement such as polls and quizzes.