Online Training with Virtual Labs

How to prepare for Virtual Classroom?

Teaching in virtual classroom is different. Here are some proven practices to help you run a successful virtual classroom session.


Know your Audience

The more you know about your learners the more effective you are going to be at giving them just what they need, Define pre-requisites for your training, and if you have the tools and time to do so, verify they have been completed by your audience members.


    • Create a list of pre-requisites
    • Provide a pre-test
    • Review test scores

Practice run

With any new course, more even if you are a new instructor do a practice run of your presentation with at least more than one person. They do not have to sit thru all of the content. Definitely use all the tools and launch all your content and demonstrations, every page of it, at least once in the same order you will do in the classroom. This will build confidence for you.


    • By yourself, run through each piece of content and each demonstration item in order, speaking using the medium you plan to use in your live class (VoiP or telephony). Record your run-through for self-evaluation and improvement.
    • Have other people attend, listen, and give feedback after you do your run-through.
    • Have your attendees interrupt you while you are talking, just as your learners will do it. Record the run-through.