Online Training with Virtual Labs

What Do We Get With a Virtual Lab ?

To truly learn, new information one must have the benefit of doing exercise and applying concepts to the subject. That’s why virtual tech lab is so crucial. Unfortunately, for most students, the computer lab experience is limited due to time, space and financial constraints. Today virtual computer labs are becoming prevalent in organizations around the world, replacing conventional labs. These labs reduce training expenses, allow instructors to remotely monitor the progress of all learners, and enable them to use the facilities both before the course begins and after it is completed.


  1. Every student gets an individual lab with no dependency on others.
  2. Students can access their lab 24 * 7 from anywhere
  3. Each student is provisioned a separate instance by system with no manual step.
  4. Each of these instance is persistent across life of the training/course including multiple connections inside one training session
  5. Custom labs exercises, content and data
  6. Production Grade Capability & Configuration
  7. No Simulation or Reduced Function

Learn how cloud-based computer labs can improve your training program