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Big Data Executive Survey 2013

Big Data Analyst firm, New Ventures Partner conducted in depth survey of big data executives from 65 companies across multiple industry sectors such as insurance, media, banking, financial services and capital markets.


Here is the summary of the findings.

85% of the respondents have big data initiative either in progress or planned. 

Customer and Risk Management are the main focus area for companies using big data solution. In total survey found 17 different business functions using big data technology. Continue reading

Big Data Introduction

Understanding Big Data today is confusing. Here is my attempt to explain Big Data.

Big Data is an umbrella term used to refer the technology behind collecting and analyzing large volume of data at a fast speed.  In last few years, number of devices and services customers use, have increased multi fold. As customers are using more of everything, they are creating more data. By inter connecting these data, you can know your customer better and provide a better service. Big Data helps you in storing and connecting these data.

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HDFS Main Components:

Let us explore little further about HDFS.  Some of the attributes of HDFS are commodity hardware, fault tolerant and ability to handle large set of data. It should have high throughput and streaming access to file system. Streaming access is nothing but ability to read groups of data block in one read. This helps Hadoop to read data faster.  Just for our convenience to read, let us list them.

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