Why do we learn better with a virtual lab? Leave a comment

As any educator knows, retention is very low for listening lectures and reading books.  Practice by doing increase retention many folds.




  1. Student experiences a dramatic increase in learning retention with hands on lab environment.
  2. Student can take lab assessment for learning validation.
  3. Reader/User users can translate concepts into immediate skills, certifications and more.


What Do We Get With a Virtual Lab ? Leave a comment

To truly learn, new information one must have the benefit of doing exercise and applying concepts to the subject. That’s why virtual tech lab is so crucial. Unfortunately, for most students, the computer lab experience is limited due to time, space and financial constraints. Today virtual computer labs are becoming prevalent in organizations around the world, replacing conventional labs. These labs reduce training expenses, allow instructors to remotely monitor the progress of all learners, and enable them to use the facilities both before the course begins and after it is completed.


  1. Every student gets an individual lab with no dependency on others.
  2. Students can access their lab 24 * 7 from anywhere
  3. Each student is provisioned a separate instance by system with no manual step.
  4. Each of these instance is persistent across life of the training/course including multiple connections inside one training session
  5. Custom labs exercises, content and data
  6. Production Grade Capability & Configuration
  7. No Simulation or Reduced Function

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It provides on-demand access to a wide variety of applications for anyone .These virtualized applications are delivered instantly to users via any computer or mobile device connected to a network at any location.  In general Virtual Lab is available 24/7. You are no longer confined to physical computers located on campus or office to access applications that are needed for your classes or training.


Sample big data lab on Aziksa Learning Platform.


Virtual Lab
Selecting Tools for Virtual Classroom Leave a comment

Here are some of the features you should look for while selecting a tool for hosting virtual classroom.


Screen sharing

Application sharing

Document sharing


Integrated audio

Video support

Pre-recorded content

How to prepare for Virtual Classroom? Leave a comment

Teaching in virtual classroom is different. Here are some proven practices to help you run a successful virtual classroom session.


Know your Audience

The more you know about your learners the more effective you are going to be at giving them just what they need, Define pre-requisites for your training, and if you have the tools and time to do so, verify they have been completed by your audience members.


  • Create a list of pre-requisites
  • Provide a pre-test
  • Review test scores

Seven Benefits of the Virtual Classroom 1 Comment



Flexibility and Convenience

Virtual learning is very convenient. You can take a class on any computer, anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet and can accommodate a headset and microphone.

Online Training with Virtual Labs